Sunday, February 22, 2009

Updated Software

Satori updated to version 0.62. Lots of new fingprints added and others updated. Took like Linux distro's and combined them where it made sense instead of having 5 fingerprints that were all the same because they were based on the same distro. Also added the packetfence fingerprint info back into my dhcp.xml file. We'll see if the packetfence project starts using the .xml file or not, it has been discussed in the past and may be being looked at again. We'll see.

With the addition of these fingerprints back into dhcp.xml I decided to give the user a few more options in parsing dhcp fingerprints. You'll find it under options. I also added a new feature for arp parsing also since it was in an 'addon' dll instead before. Now it is just an option.

Last major change was an update program. It is a stand alone program that will update the .exe, .dll, and .xml files. It is nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. It will let you keep up to date on the latest fingerprint files, dll's, etc without me having to do a full new .zip file!

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