Thursday, May 5, 2011

Forensics Contest #8

Well after a VERY long break they've released the latest puzzle. This one has to do more with parsing and pulling info about wireless. While I probably have the skills to do it, I'm not sure I'll participate in this one. School is finishing up and my free time is very short in this next month.

If nothing else I may just figure out the answers without writing any specific program to be released for it.

It has been out a good week so far and I have yet to grab the pcap file and look it over. Satori will probably spit out an error as I have it set to reject wireless packets as I haven't wanted to parse out the extra header info in the past.

May run into through a converter so Satori can at least read it in, though I'll lose most of what they want you to find with SSID stuff and beacon packets.

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janny said...

Had a little time to look into Ann’s Aurora, a forensic contest posted by SANS Digital Forensics. First of all, I got to say, these contests are totally awesome as it gives the opportunity for forensics investigators to try out new ideas and build new tools to solve very real problems.