Saturday, May 22, 2010

Forensics Contest #6 Ann's Aurora

Hi! Recently we were challenged by SANS Fellow Rob Lee (author of “Computer Forensics” 508) to create a puzzle based on an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). We thought this was a great idea! So this month we are doing a special release through the SANS Institute based on APT. SANS is sponsoring some especially cool prizes– check out the full puzzle and writeup here:

The contest is a client-side attack based on Operation Aurora. This packet capture contains a full recording of a real Windows system getting exploited via the same mechanism that was used to exploit Google. Ann spear-phishes a developer, who clicks on a link and connects to her malicious web server. Then she configures the victim to make outbound persistent connection attempts to her server so that she can retain access and reconnect in the future.


A bit different than the first 4, uses ideas you may have come up with in #5, but has some new twists to be sure! One other twist is you have to have a SANS portal account to grab the evidence file. Not sure what is required to get an account, I already have one since I hold a few certs from there already.

On top of that they are pushing the upcoming Forensics Summit in DC, more info can be found here:

Looking over the agenda here is some interesting info:

On Thursday July 8th (end of the first day)
6:30pm - 7:30pm
SANS Forensic Challenge Winners Presentation
Winners of the 2010 Forensic Challenge "Ann's Aurora" to be announced and presented with their awards via this live and internet broadcasted event!
Prizes: 2 netbook and free passes to the 2011 Forensics/IR Summit

Or directly from the writeup:

2 Lenovo Ideapad SNIFT Configured Netbooks for first and second place teams.

In addition, each team that places in the top three will be awarded free passes to the 2011 Incident Response and Forensic Summit (One pass per entry)

You have a little over a month, good luck! (deadline 6/27/2010)

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