Monday, August 2, 2010

Forensics Contest #6 (yeah, the last contest)

But First....

While it would have been nice to be at defcon and participate in contest #7, I didn't have that opportunity. Nor, based on some of the emails I got would have I probably done very good at it since it appeared to be wireless packets that you had to glean info from. Who knows we'll see once they post the ~50MB pcap file.

Anyway, my netbook that I won from contest #6 came in about a week ago. I just wanted to say thanks to Sherry, Eric and Jonathan for putting the contest together and to those that provided other support for it! I look forward to the next contests!

Web application Fingerprinting with Blind Elephant

I don't talk about too many active fingerprinting applications, granted I don't know that there have been a lot of new fingerprinting applications in awhile. Anyway, ran across this today from one of the many posts picked up in Google Reader. Looks promising, I'll leave it to you to find out though!