Monday, June 21, 2010

Full Disclosure vs Responsible Disclosure

There was an ongoing thread war last week (or the week before) on Full Disclosure vs Responsible disclosure when someone notified MS of a bug and then 4 days later released the info to the public. After being on vacation for the past week or so I now see there is a known exploit in the wild on this.

Over the years I've gone back and forth on the whole FD vs RD argument. Now that I support a few hundred systems I'm normally more on the RD side of things, but when is it the vendors responsibility to at least be forthcoming about information on the issue to people who report issues?

In the above case, I'm not sure 4 days is reasonable to expect MS to fix the issue, and I have no idea what, if anything, they responded to the person who informed them of it. But I got thinking of this again today when I logged into Twitter.

Back at the beginning of May it was reported that if you changed any of your settings in Twitter that your password would be sent in clear text. The original author of the post claimed they notified twitter of it. I know I also did, I figured if more than one person mentioned it it may get past the first line of Helpdesk personnel. Fast forward ~45 days, no response from twitter and the bug still exists.

I decided I'd poke around a bit more on their site, see if I could figure out a better way to contact them. After 10 mins of going in circles, I was back at the same form I'd tried before. They have a place that says "Check Existing Requests" and "View recently solved and closed tickets", but for the life of me, no way to open a new ticket!

Now I at least understand better what happens when we get upset clients, complaining about going round and round in circles and getting nowhere. We all put things in place to try to limit the number of actual calls that come in, hopefully allowing the user to find the answer themselves, but when it so frustrates the person reporting issues, I can see why some resort to FD from the get go.

I still like the idea of RD, but sometimes I have to admit, some things get fixed a lot quicker when an exploit is floating around out there. While this is great for getting things fixed, it still really sucks being the guy on the other end trying to rush a patch out! It also really sucks being the support guy that has to install that patch on 100's of systems!

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