Sunday, July 4, 2010

Upcoming presentation for Forensics Challenge #6 and 4Cast Awards

Only July 8th they will be presenting the awards for these 2 different things. They'll also be streaming it for those not in attendance of the '2010 SANS What Works in Digital Forensics and Incident Response Summit'.

I didn't see any good links out there for these off of the forensics contest page, so unless you are used to doing SANS webinars and knew to look there you may not have known this was happening:

Forensics Contest #6: July 8th 6:30 EST

Live Forensics 4Cast Awards: July 8th 7:30 EST

Something for some of you do do in the wee hours of the night, end of your work day, or right after you get home. All depending on where you find yourself in the world.

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