Saturday, November 5, 2011

Using Machine Learnign Techniques for Advanced Passive Operating System Fingerprinting

Ok, guess I'm about a year out on this, but....

Anytime someone mentions your work in their master thesis, it is a nice thing to mention it and post a link!

His thesis can be found here.

He covers a lot of the same ground initially I did it my paper on OS Fingerprinting, but also covers a few tools and newer techniques that were not around back in 2005 or whenever it was that I wrote my paper on this subject. This is only in regards to the start of the paper, giving a quick overview of fingerprinting techniques and tools, he then dives deeply into other things that go well beyond what I've covered previously. I guess it is a master thesis,so it better!

He does bring up a good point/issue with passive fingerprinting and ipsec. Which since I'm working on a final project for school right now discussing network security and ipsec, it may be worth me looking into this a bit more!

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