Monday, February 13, 2012

p0fv3 - update

Well sat down and finally played with p0fv3...

DAMN that is fast! Reminds me how pathetically slow Satori is since I wander the .xml file EVERY packet that goes through instead of reading it in once, hashing it and doing a look up on that hash. Not sure how easy it will be, but after seeing how fast p0fv3 is (and prads in the past) just reminds me how much time I'm killing do to how I do lookups!

Anyway, back to p0fv3. Ran a 7 year old pcap file through it, there were about 7-10 devices that it didn't know. Mostly Netware 5 and 6 boxes, a few others that I don't know and would like to, and then a few XP ones that may have been because of the SP they were at or other services. Anyway, sent them on.

Very nice nice program as always mz!

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