Wednesday, March 13, 2013


So my ISP decided to stop offering web hosting.  It wasn't great to start with, but it was free and is where my programs and papers have been hosted for 10+ years so I was a little sad to see go away.  It is out there in many news groups and many posts over at least the last 7-8 years of posts, but oh well.

I purchased the name as it was a name I've used for a lot of other things, this blog included, so I figured it made sense.

In looking for locations on the net, that I had access to post info at least, I began searching for where I could and found all over the place.

The nice thing about that, found 3 different articles where either I'm mentioned or Satori is that I didn't know about.

Starting with 2009, I believe a russian magazine.  They are actually talking about NetworkMiner, but there appears to be a link to Satori.  Page 39 here at xakep. (if there is anything bad about the site or anything else, my apologies!)

Late 2012, December time frame a Gold paper for SANS for his GCIA.  "What's running on your network?  Analyzing pcap data with tshark".  My only complaint, my name is misspelled as always :) But it can be found here.

And the 3rd one I found was an article in INternation Jounal of Computer Applications from Feb of this year.  "Investigation of DHCP Packets using Wireshark".  My last name got hosed again, but I'm quite used to it these days!  This paper can be found here and I was just a reference.

Can't say I've read either of the 2 papers there yet, but guess that will be this weekends project.

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