Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Infoblox, new player in the DHCP fingeprinting world

I got a new Google Alert yesterday on "DHCP Fingerprinting", hadn't had much traffic on it in quite awhile now. 

The notice I found was here.

I'll admit I know nothing about this company, though I did like their writeup on DHCP Fingerprinting.  It is only 2 pages long, so short and to the point, covering what most upper management needs.  What their writeup I assume they are only doing Option 55 fingerprinting.

With that said though I did find the original writeup a bit funny.

"With the new Infoblox DHCP Fingerprinting technology, network administrators can see device type information - such as iOS or Android devices, an Xbox, or a Linksys router -"

New?  Did they say new?  I presented on this in 2007 and a few people, myself included were discussing it as early as 2005.  So while it may be new for them, this is by no means new technology!

Ok, all of that aside, it is cool to see another company using it. 

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