Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Satori and AV (SEP at least)

Funny thing today.  I went to download Satori and install it on my work computer and Symantec deleted it for reputation......

Looks like I need to put in a request to get them to whitelist it.  Guess I know what I get to do on my vacation.  Thanks a lot Symantec!  Nothing like not being able to install ones own software because the AV company decided it didn't like it (I know I'm not the first and won't be the last).

Update:  Look at that, Kaspersky has no issue with it on another system.

2/17/2014 - update.  If any of you using Satori are Symantec users, please submit false positive reports as this is what I got back!

We are writing in relation to your application through Symantec's on-line Software White-listing Request form for your software Satori.
Symantec has decided not to add this software to its white-list at this time.
Please note that this decision does not mean that Symantec products will necessarily detect your software in the future.
It simply means that Symantec could not conclude from its analysis at this time that your software should be included in its white-list.
Symantec does not disclose or discuss its decision or analysis; however, in the event Symantec products detect your software at any point and you believe the detection to be a false positive, you may notify us through Symantec's on-line Security Risk/False Positive Dispute Submission form available at: https://submit.symantec.com/false_positive/

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