Monday, June 23, 2014

Filters and updates

This was one of those learning moments.  You've used a tool for years and it has always worked for you and then all of a sudden you're getting results you aren't expecting.  After 30 mins of looking at the code, verifying it works in your primary location but not in the one you've provided to the rest of the world, it finally dawns on you that you've added filters into the program to limit the garbage that you have to process.

This could have been wireshark or a plethora of programs out there, but this was in Satori.

Historically I didn't use the filters much, it was something added at the request of someone else, but more are more at home I've found myself using them.  Problem is, I sometimes forget they are turned on.  I wanted all of my local 192.168.x.x traffic and any of my local IPv6 traffic (FE80::), but when doing DHCP work, it makes a big difference if you've added that last one in there.  Without I wasn't seeing any discover or request packets and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why!

It is always wise to go back to the basics when something all of a sudden stops working.  Get things back to a set starting point with no tweaks in place and make sure it is working there, before spending 30 mins digging through code and realizing there is nothing wrong with it and it works fine on that system!

Anyway, all that to lead up to the fact that I've updated web, tcp, webagents, sip and the main satori.exe file (that was one change to make sure Windows 8.1 was in the hard coded part of the program I've never got out to config files yet).

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