Saturday, February 23, 2019

Youtube channel

I've continued to make updates to the python version of satori and have put a lot of time in the past few weeks to updating fingerprints and fixing some minor bugs that have cropped up.  But.... I thought I'd take this opportunity to do a quick intro to the youtube channel I started.

It is called, you guessed it, Chatter on the Wire, or CotW for short.  It won't just be about OS Fingerprinting, but I'm sure I'll put some demo's of Satori and other programs I've written out there.  It will be videos about a number of different things, small electronics, coding projects, melting metals and whatever else I find myself periodically doing that I decided I'd document.  Mostly I believe it will be reviews of products I've been using myself or testing out for certain specific applications for home, work, or other areas of my life.

It will bounce around a bit and I hope to put stuff out every so often.  Not sure if that will be every few days, weeks, or months, but will all depend on time and the amount of effort it takes to put the videos together.

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