Thursday, October 29, 2009

DHCP Fingerprint Manager updated

New release of DHCP Fingerprint Manager (1.00.01) released earlier today. In earlier versions you had to export the data out of wireshark in a text format and it would read that in and DHCP Fingerprint your data, in the latest release it now reads in .pcap files.

I've mentioned some of the features of this program before, that I'd love to steal and add into Satori, but I'll probably never get around to it. I love the statistics feature when it is done! It also gives you the ability to update the fingerprint data and then reparse the data from the pcap file and get the new fingerprint for the device if it happens to have changed.

Check it out and give him some feedback on the product when you get a chance.

Update (note from the author):
Note that open/save handles user data in XML format. It contains end-systems and fingerprints (content of both tabs).
The import function allows to get end-systems for DHCP trace (*.txt or *.pcap or *.cap) and to get fingerprints.
Note that fingerprints are "imported" by default when creating a new data file.

Here is a quick link to the program.

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