Saturday, October 24, 2009

Network Forensics Challenge #2

They are at it again, we barely got the answers for #1 and #2 got put up a few weeks ago. I did it originally within ~30 mins using the web, wireshark and a few other local programs on my machine. But I wanted to stand a chance of actually winning this time, so instead of just sending them the answers I actually started writing a few .exe programs to parse the data out. I have/had them done and then decided I better do something I was willing to share the source code on, so I wrote out a perl script.

Perl is not something I ever work in, have only done it a few times before, so it was a bit painful to do, especially coming from a Pascal background and not a c one! if statements and eq vs = and other little gotchas killed me today, but after about 4 hours or so I came up with a 258 line .pl file that parses it out nicely. There is a lot more I could add to it, but since I'm by no means a perl programmer and my hands are cramping up typing this as it is, it was time for a break and time to call good enough good enough!

I'll release the script after the deadline if i'm not picked as a finalist and it is added to their site.

This was another fun project to work on and it forced me to dig into a programming language I should have learned long ago, but never have. So always good to expand your knowledge some.

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