Saturday, November 8, 2008

Advanced application level OS fingerprinting

A short (36 pages or so) powerpoint type paper on Application Level Fingerprinting.

I found it interesting how, depending on the OS the application was running on, it would act differently depending on what was sent at it. After doing some of this for going on 10 years, I'm surprised to find that I'm surprised by it, but I was.

Anyway, seems like a nice writeup on a new way of thinking/testing a few things. If I was still big into Active Fingerprinting I may have had to try to expand on this, but for now, I have enough projects.

Check it out. And if you don't like pdf's, check out the original post at SecurityFocus and grab one of the other formats. Otherwise click on the Title up top and you should hit the pdf version of it.

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